InFI Success Story 045 – Syed Babu


Syed – InFI Professional

Syed Babu, a highly motivated, positive and matured young professional is one of InFI’s most admired team player. Syed has post graduation in computers from SASTRA university. InFI mentored Syed to be a Client Server and Oracle developer.

Syed is a professional musician too; his maturity is a reflection and manifestation of his expertise in classical music.

InFI identified and assembled a six member PowerBuilder client server team for 3I-Infotech banking projects’ team. Syed is one of the team member who brought expertise and leadership to the team. The team was mentored by Bala, PV and Deepak. Communication, general personality and professional skills were mentored by Maha for about four months. Syed’s interest in Application development particularly PowerBuilder coupled with mentors’ expertise resulted in upgraded experienced professional.

Syed had joined SuccessFactros to pursue Software testing as a career. He currently works for Yahoo through SuccessFactors. He is about to complete two years at SuccessFactors; InFI wishes him successful career in IT industry.

Syed’s expertise includes Software Quality Assurance, Testing, SoapUI, SaaS, SQL apart from PowerBuilder. He is deeply involved in Test Planning, Load Testing, Regression Testing and Backward Compatibility Testing.

Syed can be reached  for guidance and help to become part of IT industry.


InFI Success Story 042 – Jagadish

Jagadish Arul

Oracle Developer at 3I

Career break for Jagadish Arul;  one more success story from InFI. Now he is an  experienced and successful Business Application Developer at 3I, with about 3 years’ experience to his credit.

Jagadish, a Computer Science and Engineering graduate is selected and mentored at InFI by Asmitha and Maha on technology, personality and communications; with support and cooperation of  core team consisting of Sathya , Sasi, Rijil, and PV. The program lasted for three months during fall 2011.

InFI’s sustained and all-rounded  development of software professional including personality and technical skills transformed Jagadish from a college fresher to a productive software developer. He is currently working as a developer at 3I Infotech in Chennai.

Jagadish, a simple and hardworking individual with positive attitude was a member of InFI’s 5th batch D2K team of Oracle D2K technology, exclusively mentored for 3I Infotech. He made the whole team participate in learning process and collaborating on various activities at InFI.

Jagadish has developed expertise on web Technology apart from generic client server skills like SQL, Oracle PL/SQL. He has worked with other softeare development tools like Oracle Developer Studio, Toad and MySQL.

InFI wishes Jagadish continued success in his career as Software Engineer. He can be reached at for help to become an IT Professional developer.

InFI Success Story 016 – Sundar V

InFI Sundar


Sundara Vinayagam C, is working for Hexagon Global as software engineer. He joined InFI in 2011 and skilled to be Sharepoint and Oracle

developer. After gaining entry level developer expertise level, he was picked-up by Hexagon for their customer assignment at Bangalore.

In addition to technical areas he was mentored in communication and behavioral aspects of a complete professional, by experienced InFI mentors.

Sundar is currently working on a project involving C#, ASP.Net and Sharepoint. He has gained automobile domain business experience from his current and previous employment.

Sundar interest is to develop tools and utilities to aid software developers which can increase the productivity. Recently he developed a file merger tool for the current team.

Sundar can be reached for suggestions and guidance for a career development in IT.