About InFI

The skills gap, professionalism and the productivity of the workforce are the biggest problems facing employers in every location, in every industry across our country and other developing and developed knowledge economies.

A number of recent surveys highlighted this to be one of the major challenges hampering our country’s growth. We believe that not only could our education system do more to prepare young people for employability, so that they are industry ready but we as businesses should do more ourselves too.

Welcome to InFI. We are team of professionals and business entrepreneurs with a proven success record, and InFI, Institute for Industry is our key initiative to address the above challenge.

We are a world-class professional development organization built on rich global industry experience, modern infrastructure and thoughtful role specific competency building program, for each industry, covering both technical and soft-skills to consistently produce, readily deployable productive workforce.

We help employers maximize the potential of their employees, and their businesses, by providing a comprehensive program to analyze the current competencies & productivity gaps and solve them by re-skilling and mentoring.

We also help people maximize their potential by providing a re-skilling and mentoring programs to realize their career aspirations and career transitions.

Our Goal is to develop and mentor readily deployable productive workforce by bridging the gap between the formal education and the industry needs; thereby reducing ramp up time and improve productivity from the day one.

Our Mission is to be the most preferred Human Capital Development partner for industry leaders to help their businesses remain competitive in the marketplace.

One comment on “About InFI

  1. Hi PV & Riji

    Hope every things is fantastically going on . I am to interested to be a part of you talent hunt . So if there are any chance reach me i would like to take classes on ITIL for the students you can reach me @ 72999 37574 or jaipravin84@gmail.com


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