InFI Success Story 058- Ashwin

Ashwin is an Engineering graduate is selected and mentored at InFI on various technologies, personality and communications skills; with support and cooperation of  core team consisting of Sathya , Sukrutha and PV. The program lasted for about three months during 2016.

Ashwin says few words about InFI.


This is Aswin from InFI. Though I graduated from a reputed college, I was not able to get placed through placements at college.

Later, after graduation I was told about InFI by a good friend of mine. I was referred by my friend to InFI and I joined InFI.

Now, Iam placed as an Oracle developer in BEYONTECH, Chennai.

On day one, I liked InFI’s environment it was comforting and people here are friendly professionals. I realized that it is not an institute or consultancy.

At InFI, One can learn as well as implement the knowledge they gained. We come at 8:00 am in morning and will leave at 9:00pm, we spent most of our time in InFI and  thoroughly enjoyed doing so.

Mentors here are well experienced and professionally trained. Especially, Mr.Vivek and Sukrutha helped us from basics. At InFI, the guidance which  experienced was more than what I have expected.  This were not just words- if you want to feel the difference, step into InFI and you will feel the Magic.

By sukrutha7

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