InFI Success Story 053 – Priyanka

Priyanka was mentored at InFI on Web-Application development on dotnet. She was mentored in Concepts of Programming by PV, dotnet & C# by Niventh, HTML, CSS & JS by Rupesh.

InFI philosophy is  Do&Learn  – Ask&Learn.

As promised InFI  has placed it’professionals in reputed organizations. It is indeed a great pleasure to know that our work is touching lives of a lot of people.  Here is what Priyanka says about InFI.


I was tired of 5-8 months of job searching experience after my graduation. Though I was from an engineering background with good theoretical knowledge and scores, there was something that was missing. InFI helped me in indentifying what exactly is going wrong and helped me land in a full-time, well paying job.

At InFI I got an opportunity to work with wonderful, well-experienced people and that helped me in gaining confidence. Before InFI, I had made mistakes due to no proper guidance but after getting into InFI, I have learnt lessons from those mistakes and also learnt better techniques on how to avoid them in future. Since it was a team-work I had an experience to learn from other’s mistakes as well. It has become an added advantage which comes in handy whenever I present my skills in interviews. The international syllabus taught at InFI was completely out of box and was very effective”.

“Earlier I was very nervous and worried about my communication but the communication class and the skills taught here have helped me in my personality development and also with my language. We had listening skills training fun sessions with debates and also movie sessions. Ms.Sathya has been my role model, the way she handles InFI inspired me. So InFI is not a place where you only learn, it is a place where you can see, feel and realize your growth.  My advice to future InFIians is to join and gain as much experience as possible in the technique you wish to embark on, it is worth it.”

“I Thank Ms.Sathya and Mr.PV Rao sir for spending your valuable time for us.”

Join InFI. It pays..!!!


By sukrutha7

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