InFI Success Story 052 – Shanmuga Priya


Shanmugha Priya was mentored at InFI on Web-Application development on dotnet. She was mentored in Concepts of Programming by PV, dotnet & C# by Niventh, HTML, CSS & JS by Rupesh.

She has developed programs for some interesting problems assigned during her program at InFI, which helped her to learn.

InFI philosophy is  Do&Learn Ask&Learn.


Here is what Shanmugha Priya says about InFI

InFI is a fantastic option for those who seek professional experience while retaining the freedom of your creativity.  InFI is selfless, it provides FREE mentoring. It is truly a good choice.

InFI is a milestone in the journey of my life which I would cherish till the very end. I had a full-time program for three months. The training was helpful where I got a chance to learn and work with eminent professional trainers. The management makes sure that each and every individual is ready for the corporate world and they start it from the very first day and the trainers here are well experienced.

The rigorous schedule, the assignments, the GD’s, the surprise quizzes, communication training, the presentations and many more fruitful activities make you all set to step into the tough challenging world of corporate. The trainers in InFI are the best that one could get and also they have more than five years of experience. Being a fresher with a year of gap I always doubted how well I would be able to end up with a job, but the training sessions, technical skills learnt along with the experienced and friendly trainers proved me wrong.

I experienced a very different and innovative way of teaching and learning.  I was taught the work etiquette and the corporate culture by 2 weeks along with a good knowledge in communication. I became friendlier in nature and also learnt team-management while working.  I would like to thank Mr.PV Rao and Ms. Sathya for helping me grow. I would also like to thank Mr. Niventh for explaining us all the logic with the technologies. I dedicate my success to InFI and I am happy and proud to work in a reputed organization like Hexagon global solutions, Chennai. I work as Software developer.

For my successful journey at InFI I would like to say a big thanks to Mr. Rao for giving us good guidance and Ms.Sathya who is always on her toes to help trainees to achieve success.

By sukrutha7

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