InFI Success Story 051 – Deepika


Deepika Selvarajan, is a Software Developer now, at Hexagon Global. InFI helped to build her skills in Web-Application development on dotnet platform for three months to earn her dream job in IT industry.

She has career and plenty of skills to grow the career to be s a successful programmer.

Deepika and her team of 7 freshers, all girls team formed to develop them into entry level dotnet application developers for Hexagon Global in Dec 2015, by March end she was ready to be deployed in to a project team.

Deepika was mentored in Concepts of Programming by PV, dotnet & C# by Niventh, HTML, CSS & JS by Rupesh. She has developed programs for some interesting problems assigned during her program at InFI, which helped her to learn. InFI philosophy is  Do&Learn Ask&Learn.

Deepika was mentored in critical communication skills by Sukrutha ….

InFI wishes her the best in her career. She is reachable through eMail for career guidance for aspiring freshers

Here is what Deepika says about InFI

“I would definitely suggest INFI proudly to anyone who is looking for an employment. It really does Work.”

“I joined INFI to find a job. Boy am glad that I did. A rich experience in using advanced techniques and latest technologies has helped us to grow in technical aspects. When there is guidance needed Mr. Rao came in and understood our needs immediately and delivered bespoke training. There were days at INFI where I explored myself with the practical knowledge while working on the projects assigned. Ms. Sathya has been a great source of positive inspiration. Good communication is the expression of one’s heart and mind, at INFI we also had communication classes where effective communication skills, self-learning techniques, writing skills and behavioral skills were taught. I also become a good team-player since we were working as a team. After 4 short months of training, I had my first interview with a company and got wonderful at it. I thank INFI for helping me, especially for the quick friendly assistance from the trainers when we had questions on the techniques/topics discussed which helped me in understanding the concept in depth.”