InFI Success Story 050 – Vijay Kiran

Vijay Kiran

InFI UI Developer – Vijay K

Vijay Kiran a positive and soft-spoken fresher with enginerring a degree joined InFI professionalization programme. He  was part of Open source applications development team, mentored for ZANEC and Crayon’d during first quarter of 2013.

Vijay learnt and built expertise in PHP, JavaScript, and JQuery to be entry level UI developer at InFI. He is well versed with MySQL, LINUX,  and C language. He has earned a position in Cryon’D User Experience team, which is involved in Web application development. He was mentored by Ms. Hari Priya, an experienced PHP, JavaSscript expert. And Mr.Sathish has mentored the batch for communication and professional behavioural skills.

InFI UI /UX program was desgined and delivered with the support  of  Sasi, Sathya and PV.  He has also gained exposure to Android, BlackBerry programming and Crystal Reports.

Vijay’s software development skills and Open source application development expertise has earned him a position on Crayon’D project team as Software Engineer. He has  worked on important software development projects at Crayon’D and completed them successfully.

InFI is confident vijay will exceed expectations of employers and build a great career for self in IT industry.

InFI wishes Vijay all success in his career in IT industry and can be reached through for all career guidance and professional developemnt.