InFI Success Story 049 – Abhinav

AbhinavAbhinav V, is another successful IT Professional mentored by InFI. He joined InFI  from Bangalore, after completing his Engineering from RV College of Engineering. InFI mentored Abhinav to be a Oracle developer.

InFI identified his interest over ERP  and web based applications. He was menotred in SQL, PLSQL and D2K. After successful completion of  InFI program he was  deployed in 3I-Infotech. In 3I Infotech he supported and maintain PREMIA application suit for insurance vertical. Primary work is mostly on PL/SQL (bug fixing, performance optimization & product enhancement).

Abhinav is experienced in PHP, Java, ASP, Adobe Air & Titanium. His expertise in Database Mangement systems include MySql, Postgresql & Sqlite apart from Oracle. He is also experienced in Forms & Reports (6i, 9i, 10g).

He currently works for Nettpositive as Technical lead and is close to complete 3 years with the company.

Abhinav can be reached through  for guidance on InFI’s training. InFI wishes Abhinav a great  success in his career.


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