InFI Success Story 036 – Srini. I

srinivas reddy IdamakantiAnother success story from Web2 team; InFI’s maiden professional development program launched in Dec 2008.  Web2 team was exclusively gathered and mentored for ZANEC’s Microsoft Technology practice to strengthen it’s Web2.0 offerings.

Srinivasula Reddy Idamakanti,  a member of the Web2 team, worked hard followed and learnt from his mentors and gained 2 years equivalent experience in just 4 months. He was mentored by Vignesh, PV and Meena supported by Sharmila and Venkat. He had proved his expertise at ZANEC as a trainee for few months and confirmed as Software Engineer Trainee after that.

Another  year and half work at ZANEC,  in a product development team gave Srini well rounded software development experience. He gained expertise in dotnet, SQL, JavaScript, HTML and JQuery and other web technologies.

Srini moved to Hyderabad to join Infosys as Sr.Systems Engineer. InFI congratulates Srini on completing two years of work at Infosys Hyderabad.

InFI is happy to mentor many more freshers like Srini to help them kick-start their career in IT and non-IT industries.

InFI is committed to provide ready to deploy work force to partner companies, by developing entry level professionals, who are struggling to find skilled workforce.

Srini can be reached  at to learn from his success or guidance.


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