InFI Success Story 035 – Aravinthan K

AravinthanInFI’s another successful transformation story of a fresher to a professional Business Application Developer.

Aravinthan Krishnan, a Computer Science and Engineering graduate was selected and mentored at InFI by Asmitha and Maha on technology, personality and communications, with support and cooperation of  Sathya , Sasi, Rijil, and PV. The program lasted for three months during fall 2011.

InFI’s sustained and whole some development of software professional including personality and technical skills transformed Aravinthan from a college fresher to a productive developer. He is currently working as a developer at Cognizant Technology Solutions in Chennai.

Aravinthan, a dynamic extravert with positive attitude was a member of InFI’s 5th batch D2K team of Oracle D2K technology, exclusively mentored for 3I Infotech. He made the whole team participate in learning process and collaborating on various activities at InFI.

Aravinthan has developed expertise on Smartphone Technology apart from generic web skills like SQL, Oracle PL/SQL, HTML 5, and C. He had used IDE like eclipse and Oracle Developer Studio.

InFI wishes Aravinthan continued success in his career as Software Engineer. He can be reached at for help to become an IT Professional developer.


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