InFI Success Story 037 – Sanmuganand

SSelvarajSanmuganand Selvaraj, MBA Marketing and finance postgraduate – successfully transformed to play  business analyst role and got the career  break into IT industry, with the InFI mentoring program.

Sanmuganand walked into InFI in Aug 2011 and discussed his career plan and asked for our expert opinion . InFI was just planning to create a team of entry level ERP and Business Analyst professionals for it’s multinational customers who have their own products.  InFI gathered ambitious youngsters from different backgrounds and mentored them on basic ERP functionality and the role of a Business Analyst in general.

All the team members were given business finance domain knowledge to understand the functionality of the Enterprise Applications like RODE, Orion, SAP and KASTLE Lending system.

Sanmuganand was picked-up by 3I to support KASTLE implementation as a business analyst. His work was appreciated by the product and business heads of 3I, for his thoroughness in product and the subdomain of fiancé lending.

He successfully completed his assignment in 3I and moved on.

He is currently working for as Business Analyst for a Telecom product manufacturer; InFI wishes him great career in IT.

He may be contacted at for career guidance.


InFI Success Story 036 – Srini. I

srinivas reddy IdamakantiAnother success story from Web2 team; InFI’s maiden professional development program launched in Dec 2008.  Web2 team was exclusively gathered and mentored for ZANEC’s Microsoft Technology practice to strengthen it’s Web2.0 offerings.

Srinivasula Reddy Idamakanti,  a member of the Web2 team, worked hard followed and learnt from his mentors and gained 2 years equivalent experience in just 4 months. He was mentored by Vignesh, PV and Meena supported by Sharmila and Venkat. He had proved his expertise at ZANEC as a trainee for few months and confirmed as Software Engineer Trainee after that.

Another  year and half work at ZANEC,  in a product development team gave Srini well rounded software development experience. He gained expertise in dotnet, SQL, JavaScript, HTML and JQuery and other web technologies.

Srini moved to Hyderabad to join Infosys as Sr.Systems Engineer. InFI congratulates Srini on completing two years of work at Infosys Hyderabad.

InFI is happy to mentor many more freshers like Srini to help them kick-start their career in IT and non-IT industries.

InFI is committed to provide ready to deploy work force to partner companies, by developing entry level professionals, who are struggling to find skilled workforce.

Srini can be reached  at to learn from his success or guidance.

InFI Success Story 035 – Aravinthan K

AravinthanInFI’s another successful transformation story of a fresher to a professional Business Application Developer.

Aravinthan Krishnan, a Computer Science and Engineering graduate was selected and mentored at InFI by Asmitha and Maha on technology, personality and communications, with support and cooperation of  Sathya , Sasi, Rijil, and PV. The program lasted for three months during fall 2011.

InFI’s sustained and whole some development of software professional including personality and technical skills transformed Aravinthan from a college fresher to a productive developer. He is currently working as a developer at Cognizant Technology Solutions in Chennai.

Aravinthan, a dynamic extravert with positive attitude was a member of InFI’s 5th batch D2K team of Oracle D2K technology, exclusively mentored for 3I Infotech. He made the whole team participate in learning process and collaborating on various activities at InFI.

Aravinthan has developed expertise on Smartphone Technology apart from generic web skills like SQL, Oracle PL/SQL, HTML 5, and C. He had used IDE like eclipse and Oracle Developer Studio.

InFI wishes Aravinthan continued success in his career as Software Engineer. He can be reached at for help to become an IT Professional developer.

InFI Success Story 034 – Sronitha

SronithaSai Sronitha G; ambitious, positive and hardworking engineering graduate of 2012 batch is part of InFI’s first Open source applications development team, mentored for ZANEC and Crayon’d during first quarter of 2013.

Sronitha’s expertise include PHP, MySQL, LINUX, C, JavaScript, JQuery and UI development. She is a member of Cryon’D User Experience team involved in Web application development applying the skills learnt at InFI. She was mentored by Hari Priya, Satheesh and PV supported by Sasi and Sathya.  She has exposure to various other tools and utilities for  database and Web application development on mobile and desktop environments.

Sronitha’s software development skills and Open source application development expertise has earned her a position on Crayon’D project team as Software Engineer. She has already worked on important software development projects. InFI is confident Sronitha will exceed expectations of her employers and build a great career for herself in IT industry.

InFI wishes Sronitha a great career in IT industry.

Sai Sronitha can be reached at  for career guidance and technology help.