InFI Success Story 029 – Chaitanya

InFI Professional

InFI Professional


Lakshmi Chaitanya S, a soft-spoken, ambitious, positive and committed 2012 engineering graduate is part of Bfirst Open source applications development team, mentored for ZANEC and Crayon’d during first quarter of 2013.

Chaitanya’s  expertise include PHP, MySQL, LINUX, C and other open source languages and tools. He is a member of PHP team involved in Web application development applying the skills learnt at InFI. He was mentored by Hari Priya, Satheesh and PV supported by Sasi and Sathya.  He has exposure to Android, BlackBerry programming and Crystal Reports.

Chaitanya’s software development skills and Open source application development expertise earned him a position on ZANECs project team as Software Engineer. He has already implemented critical application enhancements since March 2013 and waiting for even more challenging assignments. InFI is confident Chaitanya will build expertise and software to the satisfaction of his employer.

InFI wishes Chaitanya a great career in IT industry.

Chaitanya can be reached at for further assistance to any fresher.



Chaitanya’s feedback:

Chaitanya Message



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