InFI Success Story 028 – Dinesh M


Dinesh – Oracle Developer


M. Diensh Kumar, is one of the best knowledge seeker, InFI could identify and mentor to be a DataBase expert at entry level. He has completed Stanford University Introduction to Database course while at InFI while undergoing Oracle D2K Application developer program.

Dinesh earned his Oracle Developer job (role) at 3I-Infotech with his dedication to the program to learn from InFI mentors and counsellors. InFI is proud of Dinesh’s achievements.

Dinesh is member of InFI’s 7th batch D2K Team. All of 7th batch team is employed. D2K Team is mentored by Satheesh, Joy Deepak and Kumar, under the guidance of InFI team Sathya , Sasi, Surendran, PV.

Dinesh a 2011 Computer Science and Engineering graduate has built expertise in SQL, PLSQL, Oracle 10g, SQL Developer and Forms & Reports.

InFI wishes Dinesh continued success in his career as Software Engineer Trainee. He can be reached at  for help on Oracle and DataBase Programmer career advice.

Stanford MOOC - Introduction to Database

Stanford MOOC – Introduction to Database


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