InFI Success Story 019 – Vimal



VimalRaja K, dotnet developer and tester is part of the MS technology team InFI has developed for ZANEC in 2010.

Vimal joined a 15 member team, mentored by Microsoft dotnet experts for  five months. His interests in Application development particularly on the Microsoft platform coupled with the mentors’ expertise resulted into making a great professional. He has worked on various projects and contributed  immensely for a successful deliveries to ZANEC’s customers for the last two years.

InFI congratulates Vimal on his completion of  two years’ service at ZANEC. He is a great team player and helps the team members to contribute to the project’s quality as well as making sure they stayed on the project’s deadlines. He currently holds the position of Software Engineer and is getting ready to play bigger role.

Vimal’s expertise encompasses  ASP.Net, WCF, Java Script apart from C# and dotnet. His goal is to be a Microsoft technology expert and an architect of highlycomplex software systems.

Vimal can be reached at for guidance and help to be a successful developer in Microsoft Web technologies.

InFI wishes Vimal a successful IT Career.


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