InFI Success Story 014 – Jayakrishna

InFI IT Support professional

Jayakrishna B

Jayakrishna B, hardworking and committed engineering fresher joined 10th batch of InFI’s IT-Infrastructure Support engineer program in August 2010. He has learnt, practiced and worked on Desktop H/W and Environment to build expert skills to troubleshoot and fix issues.

InFI has deployed Jayakrishna to manage a network of 120 Systems at SRU for 6 months as part of InFI employment program. He had supported InFI learning environment consisting of Webservers, DB Servers and Network Management systems to mentor various other professionalization programs.

Jayakrishna  got opportunity to work at Pearson, the largest publishing company in the world to support their south India users as a contractor to start with. He performed so well, he is employed by Pearson as a permanent employee as IT Tech support engineer at Chennai. He is confident of reaching higher positions within the organization.

He can be reached at

InFI Wishes Jayakrishna great career and happy life.

Jayakrishna Message to InFI




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