InFI Success Story 009 – Sakthivel G

Sakthivel Gajendran

Sakthivel Gajindiran,  InFI’s first Business Applications Development Team (Oracle D2K) member. He has been working for 3i Infotech for last Two years, after completing InFI’s professionalization program. He is committed and hardworking professional.

InFI’s first Business Application Development (Oracle D2K) Team was formed in May 2010 and Sakthivel is founding member of the team.

Sakthivel performed very well and transformed himself into a seasoned application developer with the help of InFI mentors drawn from industry. In addition to SQL, PLSQL and Froms&Reports, he gained knowledge on 3i’s Premia and insurance product. He was picked up by 3i for immediate deployment. He has been very productive and successful.

InFI congratulates Sakthivel on completing two years at 3i Infotech by contributing immensely to every project he is deployed onto. He currently holds the position of Software Engineer and getting ready to play bigger role.

Sakthivel’s expertise include SQL, PLSQL, Forms &Reports. He has exposure to other technologies like Java and .net also

In his free time he has developed online registration application for his college placement cell, and it’s being maintained by him. He is proud of his contribution back to his college.

His ambition is to be an entrepreneur offering effective business solutions to medium size companies.

Sakthivel can be reached at for guidance and help to be a successful developer in Oracle Client/Server technologies.

First BizApp Team member

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