InFI Success Story 004 – Velu Chinnayan


Velu.C InFI Maiden team member

Velu Chinnayan , “Velu” in short,  is a  .net and Web2 Professional from InFI, currently working as Software Engineer. He has successfully gained 3 Yrs of professional experience in Software development and delivery.As a member of the InFI Web2 team, Velu worked hard and gained 2 years equivalent experience in just 4 months with the help of experienced mentors at InFI. He has developed skills in DotNet-Nuke platform to deploy and configure ZANEC enterprise portal.

Another 2.5 years of working and learning at ZANEC, a software product company under the guidance of senior developers and project managers made Velu a matured Web application developer.

InFI and Velu created successful partnership, making a productive IT professional.

InFI is committed to create developers so that industry will have more skilled ready to deploy work force.

You may contact Velu at to learn more about his success and further guidance.



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