InFI Success Story 059- Niranjan Kumar

Niranjan kumar is another successful IT Professional mentored by InFI. He followed mentors guidence meticulously at InFI to become a seasoned developer in a very short time.

Niranjan explains how InFI bought his talents in limelight.


Hi, this is Niranjan. I am a B.E (ECE) graduate and have years of interval after graduation. I also have work experience; I was working with few companies where I had no chances of learning new things and no proper guidance.

Then, one fine day I joined InFI. I joined InFI on Feb, 2016 for getting skilled in Java technology.  Though have work experience I don’t have much knowledge about basics of programming and  decided to start my career as a fresher.

After joining InFI I was trained and given opportunity to explore. They also helped us with free Wi-Fi connection.  With the help of their free mentoring and guidance I was able to grab a job in Hexagon Global Solutions, Chennai as Java Developer.

We are trained by experienced mentors. They mentor and also encourage us to come up with new ideas. I would like to thank Mr.Rupesh, Mr.Muthu, P.v sir, sathya mam and our communication mentor Sukrutha.  This is the best place to start the career.

By sukrutha7

InFI Success Story 058- Ashwin

Ashwin is an Engineering graduate is selected and mentored at InFI on various technologies, personality and communications skills; with support and cooperation of  core team consisting of Sathya , Sukrutha and PV. The program lasted for about three months during 2016.

Ashwin says few words about InFI.


This is Aswin from InFI. Though I graduated from a reputed college, I was not able to get placed through placements at college.

Later, after graduation I was told about InFI by a good friend of mine. I was referred by my friend to InFI and I joined InFI.

Now, Iam placed as an Oracle developer in BEYONTECH, Chennai.

On day one, I liked InFI’s environment it was comforting and people here are friendly professionals. I realized that it is not an institute or consultancy.

At InFI, One can learn as well as implement the knowledge they gained. We come at 8:00 am in morning and will leave at 9:00pm, we spent most of our time in InFI and  thoroughly enjoyed doing so.

Mentors here are well experienced and professionally trained. Especially, Mr.Vivek and Sukrutha helped us from basics. At InFI, the guidance which  experienced was more than what I have expected.  This were not just words- if you want to feel the difference, step into InFI and you will feel the Magic.

By sukrutha7

InFI Success Story 057- Sri Vatsav

Sri Vatsav is worked on various IT support tasks at InFI and gained comprehensive skills to be an effective professional. He joined InFI on Jan,2016. With the help of the expert training he was able to crack IBM interview as well.  All the members of this batch have successful careers at various leading IT services companies.

He describes his experience at InFI

This is Sri vatsav, I joined InFI in the month of January, 2016. Finding right job was truly a nightmare for me until I joined InFI. Since Iam an ECE graduate it was difficult for me to get placed in software. I joined InFI and learned Oracle here. We learn, execute and work as a team.


My Experience at InFI is a smooth ride and I owe it highly to my decision of joining InFI and to the professional mentors at InFI. It was really a good experience here. I have improved both my technical and communication skills at InFI with the help of professionals at InFI.

Iam now, an proud employee of Beyontech, Chennai and also cleared IBM interview with the help of InFI. I was placed as Oracle developer. This job which I got is completely based on the mentoring at InFI. Iam grateful to Mr. PV, Sathya mam, Vivek and Sukrutha. They will follow thoroughly throughout the process and will ensure that you are fully equipped with all available information and knowledge and also will help you with the interview procedures.

No matter from which stream you are from InFI provides equal opportunities to everyone. It is the right platform which reduces the chances of being unemployed even after a degree or a break. I would recommend every fresher to InFI, it s the right platform to start the career.

By sukrutha7

InFI Success Story 056- Sai Krishna

All the members of this batch have successful careers at various leading IT services companies. Sai Krishnaa  a sincere and hardworking individual with highest degree of commitment is an asset for any organization, he works for.He joined InFI on Jan,2016 for Oracle training. All the members of this batch have successful careers at various leading IT services companies.

His words about InFI.


Hi, this is Sai krishna. I’m glad that I have been placed in BEYONTECH as Oracle developer in Chennai.

Before coming to InFI, I was not familiar with the basic concepts in Oracle. After joining InFI, I was mentored by professionals like Mr. Vivek pandian , PV sir, Satya mam and Sukrutha. They guided me like a child and helped me with all the technical aspects throughout the process. Apart from mentoring also experienced hands-on training which helped us to understand the concepts easily. And that has helped me to grab a job in a matter of two months.

One could not ask for any better guidance and knowledge than what mentors at InFI provide. Iam very happy with InFI and thankful for the career opportunity it has provided me.

I would highly recommend InFI to anyone who looks for a job opportunity to start a good career as a fresher.

By sukrutha7

InFI Success Story 055- Suresh.D

Suresh is an optimistic, hardworking Engineering graduate who is mentored at InFI.

Here’s his testimony.


“This is Suresh Dasu, I’m a civil engineering graduate. But getting into IT(software) has been my passion. But, being an civil engineering graduate with two years of gap it became hard for me to step into software.”

“I came to know about InFI through my brother, he was also placed through InFI. Hence, I decided and joined InFI two months back and I was trained in Oracle by professional trainers.”

“Since I did my graduation in a different stream, I was not familiar with the oracle concepts. But the trainers at InFI were patient with me and helped me to learn all the concepts. All the trainers here are highly professional and well experienced. Our communication trainer Sukrutha helped me to improve my communication skills.”

“I would like to say my heartfelt thanks to our Oracle mentor “Vivek Pandian” and our communication mentor “Sukrutha” for helping me. I also got a detailed feedback report based on my performance it has helped me to improve in my weak areas.”

“At last, just in two months of training I got placed in BEYONTECH, as oracle developer n Chennai. I would also like to thank PV sir and Sathya mam for helping me with this opportunity.”

“I would suggest freshers and also experience persons to join InFI and utilize the opportunities. It is the best platform for bright career. All the Best.”


By sukrutha7

InFI Success Story 054- Chaitanya

Sai ChaitUntitledhanya realized that he needs to learn to code, for a career in IT industry. He came to InFI six months back and decided to be part of the group we were mentoring in Oracle DB programming for 3I-Infotech and Beyontec Solutions. After three months of mentoring, he is Software Developer at Beyontec.

Congratulations, Sai !!! It’s your own journey to build a great career from here on…. All the best from InFI for your career growth.

“I came to know about InFI from my friends and I joined two months back. I was little concerned about new place and language. After joining InFI, everything was smooth and people here are friendly, I felt like being at home. This helped me to get the job without any difficulty.”

“I choose Oracle course. Our trainers are well experienced, Mr.Vivek trained us with all technical aspects that are required to survive in corporate industry. He also helped us with his interview experiences, they helped me a lot. PV sir guided us helped us with the basics and Sathya helped us with her constant support. Our communication trainer Sukrutha gave us lots of tips for the interviews and they helped me.”

“Initially, I lacked confidence due to which I lost a few job opportunities. I got the confidence to perform well at work after improving my communication and Technical skills at InFI. In just two months InFI helped me to find the right job. I got placed in BEYONTECH as Oracle developer in Chennai.”

“Well, I would like to say that everyone should always believe in their potential, no matter what the conditions are and try to grab every opportunity. Because InFI is like an ocean of opportunities, especially for freshers.”

By sukrutha7

InFI Success Story 053 – Priyanka

Priyanka was mentored at InFI on Web-Application development on dotnet. She was mentored in Concepts of Programming by PV, dotnet & C# by Niventh, HTML, CSS & JS by Rupesh.

InFI philosophy is  Do&Learn  – Ask&Learn.

As promised InFI  has placed it’professionals in reputed organizations. It is indeed a great pleasure to know that our work is touching lives of a lot of people.  Here is what Priyanka says about InFI.


I was tired of 5-8 months of job searching experience after my graduation. Though I was from an engineering background with good theoretical knowledge and scores, there was something that was missing. InFI helped me in indentifying what exactly is going wrong and helped me land in a full-time, well paying job.

At InFI I got an opportunity to work with wonderful, well-experienced people and that helped me in gaining confidence. Before InFI, I had made mistakes due to no proper guidance but after getting into InFI, I have learnt lessons from those mistakes and also learnt better techniques on how to avoid them in future. Since it was a team-work I had an experience to learn from other’s mistakes as well. It has become an added advantage which comes in handy whenever I present my skills in interviews. The international syllabus taught at InFI was completely out of box and was very effective”.

“Earlier I was very nervous and worried about my communication but the communication class and the skills taught here have helped me in my personality development and also with my language. We had listening skills training fun sessions with debates and also movie sessions. Ms.Sathya has been my role model, the way she handles InFI inspired me. So InFI is not a place where you only learn, it is a place where you can see, feel and realize your growth.  My advice to future InFIians is to join and gain as much experience as possible in the technique you wish to embark on, it is worth it.”

“I Thank Ms.Sathya and Mr.PV Rao sir for spending your valuable time for us.”

Join InFI. It pays..!!!


By sukrutha7

InFI Success Story 052 – Shanmuga Priya


Shanmugha Priya was mentored at InFI on Web-Application development on dotnet. She was mentored in Concepts of Programming by PV, dotnet & C# by Niventh, HTML, CSS & JS by Rupesh.

She has developed programs for some interesting problems assigned during her program at InFI, which helped her to learn.

InFI philosophy is  Do&Learn Ask&Learn.


Here is what Shanmugha Priya says about InFI

InFI is a fantastic option for those who seek professional experience while retaining the freedom of your creativity.  InFI is selfless, it provides FREE mentoring. It is truly a good choice.

InFI is a milestone in the journey of my life which I would cherish till the very end. I had a full-time program for three months. The training was helpful where I got a chance to learn and work with eminent professional trainers. The management makes sure that each and every individual is ready for the corporate world and they start it from the very first day and the trainers here are well experienced.

The rigorous schedule, the assignments, the GD’s, the surprise quizzes, communication training, the presentations and many more fruitful activities make you all set to step into the tough challenging world of corporate. The trainers in InFI are the best that one could get and also they have more than five years of experience. Being a fresher with a year of gap I always doubted how well I would be able to end up with a job, but the training sessions, technical skills learnt along with the experienced and friendly trainers proved me wrong.

I experienced a very different and innovative way of teaching and learning.  I was taught the work etiquette and the corporate culture by 2 weeks along with a good knowledge in communication. I became friendlier in nature and also learnt team-management while working.  I would like to thank Mr.PV Rao and Ms. Sathya for helping me grow. I would also like to thank Mr. Niventh for explaining us all the logic with the technologies. I dedicate my success to InFI and I am happy and proud to work in a reputed organization like Hexagon global solutions, Chennai. I work as Software developer.

For my successful journey at InFI I would like to say a big thanks to Mr. Rao for giving us good guidance and Ms.Sathya who is always on her toes to help trainees to achieve success.

By sukrutha7

InFI Success Story 051 – Deepika


Deepika Selvarajan, is a Software Developer now, at Hexagon Global. InFI helped to build her skills in Web-Application development on dotnet platform for three months to earn her dream job in IT industry.

She has career and plenty of skills to grow the career to be s a successful programmer.

Deepika and her team of 7 freshers, all girls team formed to develop them into entry level dotnet application developers for Hexagon Global in Dec 2015, by March end she was ready to be deployed in to a project team.

Deepika was mentored in Concepts of Programming by PV, dotnet & C# by Niventh, HTML, CSS & JS by Rupesh. She has developed programs for some interesting problems assigned during her program at InFI, which helped her to learn. InFI philosophy is  Do&Learn Ask&Learn.

Deepika was mentored in critical communication skills by Sukrutha ….

InFI wishes her the best in her career. She is reachable through eMail for career guidance for aspiring freshers

Here is what Deepika says about InFI

“I would definitely suggest INFI proudly to anyone who is looking for an employment. It really does Work.”

“I joined INFI to find a job. Boy am glad that I did. A rich experience in using advanced techniques and latest technologies has helped us to grow in technical aspects. When there is guidance needed Mr. Rao came in and understood our needs immediately and delivered bespoke training. There were days at INFI where I explored myself with the practical knowledge while working on the projects assigned. Ms. Sathya has been a great source of positive inspiration. Good communication is the expression of one’s heart and mind, at INFI we also had communication classes where effective communication skills, self-learning techniques, writing skills and behavioral skills were taught. I also become a good team-player since we were working as a team. After 4 short months of training, I had my first interview with a company and got wonderful at it. I thank INFI for helping me, especially for the quick friendly assistance from the trainers when we had questions on the techniques/topics discussed which helped me in understanding the concept in depth.”



InFI Success Story 050 – Vijay Kiran

Vijay Kiran

InFI UI Developer – Vijay K

Vijay Kiran a positive and soft-spoken fresher with enginerring a degree joined InFI professionalization programme. He  was part of Open source applications development team, mentored for ZANEC and Crayon’d during first quarter of 2013.

Vijay learnt and built expertise in PHP, JavaScript, and JQuery to be entry level UI developer at InFI. He is well versed with MySQL, LINUX,  and C language. He has earned a position in Cryon’D User Experience team, which is involved in Web application development. He was mentored by Ms. Hari Priya, an experienced PHP, JavaSscript expert. And Mr.Sathish has mentored the batch for communication and professional behavioural skills.

InFI UI /UX program was desgined and delivered with the support  of  Sasi, Sathya and PV.  He has also gained exposure to Android, BlackBerry programming and Crystal Reports.

Vijay’s software development skills and Open source application development expertise has earned him a position on Crayon’D project team as Software Engineer. He has  worked on important software development projects at Crayon’D and completed them successfully.

InFI is confident vijay will exceed expectations of employers and build a great career for self in IT industry.

InFI wishes Vijay all success in his career in IT industry and can be reached through for all career guidance and professional developemnt.